The Guys And Gals Guide
                        To Saving Money:  
       How To Save More, Spend Less and                             Feel Like a Million Bucks!  

By Lisa Dellarossa 

Product details:

An inspiring story of  Lisa Dellarossa's journey to pay off credit card debt in a short amount of time, save money and still maintain her career as  a full time vocalist.   

Lisa shares with us her heart warming, encouraging and (sometimes comical stories!) and her insightful views on how to live frugally and stretch hard earned dollars.  She shares her secrets on how to uncover those extra "pennies from heaven", while still enjoying living the "simple life".   

She proves that in any fickle industry, as long as one lives below their means, it's possible to live a debt free lifestyle and build up a nest egg as well.  Extra tidbits of advice are offered through her Money Sense and Spare Change sections.  She still follows these tried and true tips into her married life as well. 

All the while Lisa helps the reader find security, confidence and true value within oneself.  An inspirational and educational story for anyone!

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